Inside the Craftbierbox

Inside the craftbierbox -

Inside the Craftbierbox

-What's happening Inside the Craftbierbox?  Black friday yeah! Cyber Monday yippee! Curfews...bah! Lockdown...nooo! Tier three...booo! Tier two, better than tier three...but still boooo! Can anyone explain what the a "substantial meal"?

Then ahhhhh, no...not the 'I stubbed my toe' kind of ahhh. More the 'heavens opening, angels singing, sunlight breaking through the cloudy skies' type of ahhhhhhhhhhh. An order from Germany. Everythings good, the product's there and before you could say 'Schweineschnitzel mit Jägersoße' there it was - wrapped, packed and dispatched!

Then without warning 'CRAAAAAAASSSSSHHH' like a crash that follows a BAM in the cartoons, you know the huge type of crash...

That just didn't really happen did it.

Did it? it did! The whole shelf just took leave of the wall, like it just fell down!


So yes it's not all hunky-dorey inside the craftbierbox but we're still here and we have your next order ready.

For anybody wanting to know...yes the delivery did arrive safe and sound in Germany. It's true that there are some stipulations regarding shipping of alcohol and fluids...but that's another story.




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