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Four Pack Sour Beer Set - 1x Fruit Gose - 3x Sour

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Craftbierbox Four Pack of Sour Beer includes:
1 x BBNo19 Fruit Gose Sour from Brewed by Numbers. A blend of sweetness, salt content, and sour fruit flavors of lychee and raspberry. Rose water, pink salt from the Himalayas and vanilla
1 x Bianca Raspberry & Vanilla Sherbert from Omnipollo. A wild ale sour full of raspberries and vanilla and all aged in oak barrels
1 x Millions of Peaches Sour from The Hackney Brewery. This brew provides a fresh basil aftertaste that adds depth to the light, sour bite and soft, fresh nature of the peaches. 
1 x Parallel Worlds Sour from The Amundsen Brewery in Norway. This sour beer is peppered with blueberry and orange coffee cake and harmonising with tonka beans. 
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